TOBI is a book-binding company in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1967, we have been producing quality books and improving book-binding technologies. Since 2005, our original products have been sold in New York City. Our products (Kakurenbon, Kurumi) are patented in Japan, the U.S., Australia, and Europe.

  • 2001 “Kakurenbon” patented in U.S.
  • 2003 “Kakuenbon” trademark registered in Japan
  • 2004 “Kakuenbon” patented in Japan
  • 2006 “Kakuenbon” patented in Europe
  • 2009 “Kurumi” patented in Europe
  • 2011 “Kurumi” patented in Australia

Massage from CEO

Publication can be a measure of how civilized the culture of a country is. Nowadays the field of publication is developing at a remarkable speed, and as a group of book-binding engineers who are responsible for such culture and its development, we strive everyday researching and making efforts to improve the printing and book-binding
technology. Regardless of Oil Crisis and economical difficulties in our country, our sales is now ten times more than the sales at the time of the founding of our company, and we have been producing and selling more than ever. We are determined to devoted ourselves in creating a better publication culture.